As a child growing up in the United States, the American flag and the bald eagle were the ultimate in citizen symbology. However, 50 years ago, we nearly lost the bald eagle to an extinction of our own making.

This beautiful bird ranges all over the western part of North America and into Mexico. It’s an extraordinary looking creature, regal and strong…fierce and prideful. And yet, we nearly lost the bald eagle due to agricultural farming practices with the use of a pesticide called DDT and other issues such as habitat destruction and illegal hunting.

It took a lot to save this creature who, at one time, had fewer than 420 nesting pairs. We did it though. With protections using legislation, the banning of DDT, and the will of the people who love them they are no longer on the endangered or even threatened species list.

The Komodo Dragon has fewer than 2000 individuals remaining. Our children want to save them. We want to save giraffes, elephants, rhinos, white lions and many other species as well but this one is particularly dear to my young son and daughter…so we begin with a children’s book. Perhaps a Komodo is not as breathtaking to look at as an eagle, but it is an amazing creature all the same.

komodo dragon tongue flicking the air