Our children want to share their love for the Komodo Dragon with other children. This endangered species is losing critical habitat due to rising seas.

The Komodo Dragon is the worlds largest and most intelligent monitor lizard. They live in the Indonesian Archipelago; primarily on two small islands. When our children learned the Komodo Dragons were endangered, they wanted to do something to help educate and draw attention to this animal.

Based on our son’s stuffy, Dark Shade, the children created a story, now a book series, to entertain, educate and raise money to help endangered species.

Anderson, Carol and Emmalee Cross

The Crew

Our team is a great group of artists, a wonderful publisher, and our family. We are new book writers, but the books we are creating are written with purpose. It’s not easy to generate change. These children’s books are a small drop in a large pool that hopes to generate long reaching ripples.

I’m listening…

Our Philosophy

How do you help your child make a difference? In the Cross family, you find what they are passionate about, and help them learn more and become involved. These books, this effort, it’s all designed to increase awareness, love and compassion for the plight of endangered species. Were starting with a favorite, the Komodo.

I get it!

How to learn more and give.

Adopt a Komodo dragon

Select a species adoption

Donate to WWF
World Wildlife Fund
1250 24th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20037

Get involved with Whitley Fund for Nature