Dark Shade the Determined Dragon was written with the express intention of creating awareness about a threatened and endangered species we love. We love many animals who are endangered and we want to help as many as we can.

On this page, we track our direct impact on the conservation, preservation, and awareness of endangered and threatened species. Our goal is to make a significant and positive impact, and we are proud to report our progress as we work towards saving as many animals as possible. Every single animal we save is a real and positive investment in the future, and we hope to continue to grow this list of successes.

Adopted Animals

Kyla TDolphin1.22.2023
Tanvi S.Tiger1.22.2023
Althea C.Arctic Hare1.22.2023
Asher M.Bald Eagle1.22.2023
Aidan LArtic Fox5.19.2023
Delaney ZGiraffe5.19.2023
Sabina LPolar Bear5.19.2023
Anderson CKomodo Dragon5.19.2023
2023 Contributions

African Wild Dog, Wikipedia

How can you make a contribution?

Your contributions make a huge different. Did you know that 99% of the species on the Endangered Species Act (ESA) have been saved from extinction!

If you’re interested contributing, follow this link to the World Wildlife Foundation Endangered Species donation page.