Dark Shade The Determined Dragon: Book 1

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A young Komodo dragon named Dark Shade discovers the legends of dragons who can soar through the skies. Despite his size and the doubts of others, he is determined to prove that he too can fly. With courage and determination, he sets out on a journey to make his dream a reality.

Join the adventure as Dark Shade overcomes obstacles and learns important lessons about perseverance and self-belief. This heartwarming tale will inspire readers of all ages to chase their dreams and believe in themselves.

Komodo Dragons are just one of many very special creatures who are endangered due to devastating changes in their habitats and impacted resources.  This book was written by children who love Komodo Dragons and want to see them thrive.  It was written by children, for children.

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A young Komodo Dragon, Dark Shade, learns about dragons of legend and knows that since he is a dragon, he can fly.  It takes courage to set and accomplish goals and Dark Shade has plenty of that.  Still, he learns that sometimes you may fly in ways you didn’t imagine and your friends will help you get there. In the end, what do you do with yourself once you’ve accomplished a goal?  Make a new one!

Meet Dark Shade and his friends and cheer him on as he becomes the dragon he knows he is.

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4 reviews for Dark Shade The Determined Dragon: Book 1

  1. Spencer, father of 3 rambunctious boys who very well could be related to Komodo dragons themselves.

    What a wonderful children’s book. The story and artwork combine to make a captivating bed time read. You can hear the children’s imagination throughout. I always appreciate stories that give great examples of finding creative solutions to difficult problems. It’s optimistic, and we all need more of that in our lives.
    Simonne-Anais’ artwork is excellently paired throughout doing a fantastic job of bringing Ander and Emmy’s voice across. I look forward to seeing more from all three of these amazing young people.

  2. James W. Hicks

    As a grandfather of 3 boys (aged 6, 4, and 2), the book is charming. As a biologist, the Q & A provides some simple information for children and adults. Monitor lizards, in general, are known as the athletes of the lizard world. Relative to other lizards, they are very aerobic engaging in locomotion or activity. The fact that the Komodo is producing warm gas is funny! –

  3. Erika Yigzaw, M.Ed., LL.B.

    This delightful book for kids (or kids at heart) brings the life of an endangered species into the heart and minds of all ages. It includes lots of real science-based details hidden in a charming lyrical narrative story that inspires the spirit. As a mum who is also a former college professor, lawyer, and accreditation evaluator, I love books that engage kids and help them identify with endangered species in a way that is fun and entertaining. This charming book helps us see goal setting and perseverance in action through the eyes of a Komodo dragon, an animal that perhaps doesn’t invoke cute fuzzy vibes when we see them hunting on National Geographic, but through this book, we get to imagine that this cute little guy, with his fangs and venom, really does dream of flying.… The kids (and this reader!) stayed engaged from start to finish, and once we were done reading through the story and the questions and answers, they wanted to watch videos on Komodo dragons in the wild! If that isn’t a roaring success for a kids’ book, I don’t know what is! I really enjoyed reading the story aloud as the writing style really comes alive when spoken and the loose rhyming makes it easy to read without being formulaic. And, I get a secret thrill reading books to my kids that teach them without them even realizing it! #momgoals …We can’t wait for the next book in the series!

  4. Kirkus Reviews

    Dark Shade, a green Komodo dragon living in the Indonesian archipelago, wants to fly. The other dragons laugh at him, but he pays them no mind. Clarke’s full-color cartoon art uses mainly soft greens and browns…but it’s still sweet… Dark Shade’s insistence that he’s a real dragon and not just a Komodo dragon…the book also includes information about Komodo dragons to help make the distinction clearer…The fact that the main character feels a little sad after achieving a goal is also a realistic detail. A pleasantly illustrated…introduction to Komodo dragons.

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