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A new, upcoming series of children’s books written by children, for children, to learn about this amazing animal while sharing the adventures of one young Komodo Dragon.

Why are we here?


Dark Shade the Determined Dragon goes on sale late April 2023! We use 10% of all sales to adopt using WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Endangered Species Adoption program.

Dark Shade with Dragonfly watercolor by E. Perri, 2022.
All Rights Reserved
Image created by @raynabydesign Rayna Richardson 2023.
All Rights Reserved.

What’s Haaappppennninggg?

Dark Shade the Determined Dragon is on pre-sale now on this site. The book is at the printers! After 3-years of art and script and design creation, working with publishers and managing budgets…. the first of a series of children’s books will arrive on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble in the next couple weeks!

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